The Fifth Day of Christmas

Today’s collection of resources have a common thread of thanksgiving, hospitality and embrace running through them: Jesus schooling some Pharisees about their lack of hospitality, Simeon and Anna throwing their arms open to welcome the long awaited Messiah, an easy recipe for making lots of pancakes quickly so that you can have friends over for breakfast. You might also like to listen to a favourite sermon I stumbled upon this year – starting with Levi’s feast for Jesus in Luke 5 and moving on to the experiences of the early church to consider how feasting and fasting helps us to love the world we live in now and long for the world to come. It’s common for our Christmas celebrations to be limited to family or close friends. How will you celebrate Christmas and share Jesus-like hospitality with people you don’t know so well? Scripture Luke 14 Prayer General Thanksgiving Sermon Paul Gutacker Music Nunc Dimittis Make Crepes Poetry Dan Anderson

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