About Us

The Christmas Project is coordinated by Alison and Matthew Moffitt. We’ve been married for almost 7 years, and love being a part of God’s church at St John’s Ashfield.


Alison previously worked at ANGLICARE Sydney as a social researcher. She’s now finishing a Howard Guinness Project traineeship with the Sydney University Evangelical Union and studying part time at Moore Theological College.

Matthew previously worked for CMS-NSW, and completed the Howard Guinness Project at Sydney University. He’s now almost finished a Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College, and serves as a catechist at church.

For the last few years we’ve found Advent to be a helpful habit in preparing us for Christmas. December had become a stressful time with an over-indulgence of shopping, partying, and presents. Celebrating Advent helped us to slow down, to build patience amidst our discontent, and to melt our hearts by being reminded again of the God who took on flesh to bring us home. Advent turned our dissatisfaction with the busyness of life and the consumerism of Christmas into an expectation for Christ’s return.

Last year we created The Advent Project as a resource to help us celebrate Advent. This year we hope that The Christmas Project will help us to fix our eyes on Jesus and to celebrate his glorious incarnation during this season of feasting, gifts, cricket, picnics, sunshine and long holidays.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Fantastic project, guys! I’m a friend of the Entwistles (Naming Animals project) and I think you’re right that we need to slow down around Christmas. Love it – keep it up!!


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