Fruit Ice Cream

Our friends Alix and Dave got us onto homemade fruit ‘ice cream’ last summer. It’s so easy to make and a lovely treat for a hot day.

You Will Need

  • A food processor and blender, or a hand blender with one of those cool chopping-bowl attachments
  • Frozen fruit in your favourite flavours – the equivalent of one serve of fruit per person.
  • Optional – honey or maple syrup to sweeten

Make The Ice Cream

Place your frozen fruit in the food processor or chopping bowl and process into small icy chunks. Transfer to mixing bowl or blender and blend. When it takes on the consistency of sorbet or ice cream you are done!

Eat it before it melts.


Recipe Notes

  • Freeze your fruit at least a day ahead.
  • If you use banana or pear in your ice cream it gets an especially creamy texture, like ice cream rather than sorbet.
  • If you are using tangy ingredients like berries or citrus, try adding a dash of honey or maple syrup to sweeten your ice cream.



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