Lavender Drinks

About a year ago we had the pleasure of drinking a lavender-lemonade iced tea; we’ve been experimenting with lavender recipes ever since! Lavender tea has become a favourite flavour in our household, but the heat of summer calls for something different.

We’ve finally worked out how to make a range of cold lavender drinks by making a small amount of lavender cordial to mix through other drinks. Use this easy recipe to make your own lavender cordial and experiment yourself!

You Will Need

  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp dried lavender flowers
  • 1/2 cup boiling water

Lavender Cordial 1

Make The Cordial

Boil the kettle and pour half a cup of boiling water into a large mug. Add sugar and lavender flowers and stir until sugar dissolves. Leave to brew for 15 minutes.

Strain flowers out the mixture and your cordial is ready to use!

Mix The Cordial

The cordial mixed on its own with soda water is OK if you don’t mind straight lavender. But it tastes even nicer mixed with lemonade. Add one part cordial to 5 parts lemonade, pour over some ice, throw in a slice of lemon to garnish and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade with a quiet  lavender kick.

It also tastes delicious with fresh juice. Recently we mixed it with blood-orange juice – it was amazing! Try mixing one part cordial to two parts fresh juice to four parts soda water.

If you are using half a cup of lavender cordial, you only need a cup of juice to balance it out. Six big oranges should provide enough juice, especially if you have a juicer.


Other information about this recipe

  • Whichever way you mix up this cordial, it makes just under a litre of soft drink. If you are making cordial to provide drinks for a larger party, try doubling or tripling the batch.
  • As a freshly made, non-heat-treated cordial, it doesn’t last very long – consume your cordial within a few days.
  • We get lavender flowers from tea stores like T2 or Adore Tea, because we have ants living in our lavender plant and we’re not sure whether the variety we grow is edible!
  • Long, sunny holiday days and a huge array of fresh fruit mean that Christmas is a great season for experimenting with this recipe. Try combining your cordial with berries, stone fruits or mango and see how it turns out. To extract juice from these fruits, blend them and strain the pulp through a cheesecloth or a piece of muslin.

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