Peter Combe: Christmas Album

Peter Combe’s Christmas Album has been the constant and beloved soundtrack of almost every Christmas that Alison can remember. It has songs about Jesus and songs about our family traditions. It has beautiful songs and very very silly songs.

Children of the 90s – you already know how fantastic this album is! Everyone else – get your hands on a copy of the greatest Australian children’s Christmas album ever recorded!

Props for the amazing shirts in this video and Superman dancing in the nativity set.

Track list
1. Happy Christmas To You
2. Christmas Eve
3. Tell Me The Story
4. Star Shines Bright
5. Baby Lying In A Manger
6. Chock a Block (The Innkeeper’s Song)
7. Rejoice Rejoice
8. Hang Up Your Stocking
9. Christmas Is Coming
10. To You Merry Christmas
11. Love And Joy
12. Caesar’s Decree Song
13. Ping
14. Fear Not For I
15. O Little One
16. Christmas Child
17. Christmas Is Coming

Purchase at his website or on iTunes
Watch live performances of some songs on YouTube

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