Sufjan Stevens: Silver and Gold

In 2012 the ever prolific Sufjan Stevens released his second Christmas collection.

It is probably the most lavish Christmas collection ever. There are 58(!) tracks over five EPs, genres ranging from traditional church choral, to quaint folk, to experimental electronica (ah, Sufjan!) and the CD box set comes with temporary tattoos, stickers, an art poster, a construct-it-yourself cardboard snowflake, chord charts and lyrics and a brief exposition on advent and the end times by Presbyterian Pastor Vito Aiuto.

Matt’s favourite song: Barcarola (You Must Be a Christmas Tree)
Alison’s favourite song (listen to it and cry and pray for all your missionary and expat friends who are celebrating on their own): Christmas in the Room

Purchase at Asthmatic Kitty Records
Stream at Bandcamp

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