Poetry: New

In 2011, Anna Blanch wrote an article in CASE magazine exploring how different poets have expressed their experiences of Christmas in ways that resonate with life down under, from the light-hearted fun of ‘Aussie Jingle Bells’, to Les Murray’s thought provoking ‘Barranong Angel Case’. Peter Stiles too, draws on Australian literature as he encourages Australians to let go of their dependence on the Northern Hemisphere traditions at Christmas.

At the end of her article, Blanch lamented a lack of serious poetry and song connecting the celebration of Christ’s nativity with the Australian context.

Following on from our work on the Advent Project, we have taken up answering Anna’s lament by asking our friends to produce original pieces of poetry and creative writing connecting Christ’s nativity with the Australian context. Rather than commenting on the ‘Bleak Mid-winter’, for each day of Christmastide you’ll find an Australian take on the feasting, joy, and thanksgiving that Christ’s incarnation invites us to enjoy.

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