James Piggott: The Aussie Christmas Son

The Aussie Christmas Son (St Stephen’s Day)
James Piggott

Skin sizzles like sausages
You can taste the heat
Human beings are evaporating


and Centre

The Aussie Christmas Sun, we say
(As if there was a different sun for every country for different times of year)
We try to escape
Slip, slop, slap, wrap
Sun Protection Factor 15, 30, 45, 50

Yet Stephen did not seek to hide himself from the great Light
The Aussie Christmas Son, he says
The One who enflames in all seasons
The One who sets on fire, but does not incinerate
A fire that consumes but does not devour
Which burns not flesh, but hearts
From the beginning at the


God the Son becomes the Son of God
Cool midnight mauled to death
By those who herald His coming
The Light in the sky was the same at Christ’s beginning as at Stephen’s end

‘Though His skin did not crackle in ancient time
Walking on Aussie beaches of gold
His burning brilliance reaches the Great South Land
Which He knew and loved of old

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