Loving This World and Longing For The Next

Paul Gutacker, preached 2013 at Regent College Chapel

Reading: Luke 5.27-35

“…There are plenty of moments when I want to ask ‘which is it?’ Are we called to love this world, to be at home in it? Or are we called to long for the next? … But what if there are ways of living, Christian practices, that in a way allow us to have our cake and eat to too. To love this world and long for the next. What if there are habits, or even liturgies, that would deepen in us both the creation affirming and other worldly aspects of our faith?

Since I am studying church history at Regent, this question makes me want to look at what our tradition can teach us. To examine the liturgies and habits of the church in the past. And as it turns out there are two practices, common in the early church, practices that I think we can appropriate, that touch right on this. Practices that rightly oriented the church towards this world and the next. Before we get to these practices let me say briefly why they jump out at me: it’s because they both have to do with one of the most intimate ways that we interact with this world, namely dinner.”

In this talk from Regent College chapel, Paul Gutacker explores the very real tension between loving the world God has made and longing for the next. And he offers a solution too: it can be addressed through our attitude to food! It’s not exactly a Christmas sermon, but it’s incredibly relevant during this season of feasting.

The full sermon (a 20 minute recording) is available here at the Regent College website.
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