Jesse Tree Decorations

Once the immediate celebrations of Christmas Day are over the rest of the Christmas season provides lots of long holidays for making things on your own or with your family. Felt crafting provides a great creative outlet for adults and children alike.

We don’t have children but we can remember our childhoods clearly enough to know that playing with felt is super funWe are also following enough parent-friends on Pinterest to know that felt Christmas Trees are a thing (see evidence here, here, here and here). By Boxing Day you probably already have your tree up, so maybe a giant felt tree is not the right thing for your household once Christmas is actually under way. But you can never have too many Christmas tree decorations! Making baubles, flowers and stars out of felt, whether sewn or glued, is fun for grown-ups during crafternoons and fun for kids being supervised by artistically minded adults. Hopefully supervising adults have fun too.

If you actually have lots of time on your hands after the mad rush of Christmas Day, you could take felt Christmas tree decorations one step further and make proper Jesse Tree decorations, like these ones by our friend Cath McLennan:

You will definitely have them done in time to use during Advent next year! Find out more about how to make and use Jesse Tree decorations at Cath’s blog.

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