Sewing Paper: Scripture Meditation for Tactile Learners

Scripture Meditation 1

We’ve featured paper-sewing on the Christmas Project before, but here is a different take on the skill – hand sewing as a means of scripture meditation.

Upon reflection this is not a particularly new idea; think of the many young girls in English history who were taught their prayers through cross-stitching samplers. This version is a little different though. We are talking about a free-form version of sewing, that frees up the mind as much as possible to dwell on the scriptures for a long time, while keeping the hands busy.

It’s scripture meditation for tactile learners!

You Will Need

  • A Bible
  • A sewing kit or needle and thread
  • A Post-it note or another piece of paper

Get Reflecting

Find somewhere quiet to sit and read a passage of scripture. And pray. And read again. And do whatever you normally do when you spend time on your own with God and his Word.

If there is a particular verse or paragraph that strikes you and you would like to spend time mediating on, take your time writing it out neatly on your paper. Once that is done, thread your needle and start stitching an abstract pattern around the text. Go slowly, so you don’t rip the paper, and keep pausing as you go to read the verse again and reflect on it. If it suits you, you can stitch out a design that reflects your response to the passage. Or you can just stitch in lines to keep your hands busy as you sit and think and pray.

Scripture Meditation 2

Scripture Meditation 3




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