Richard Bauckham: Canticles for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Canticles for the Twelve Days of Christmas
Richard Bauckham

1 Partridge perching,
you assure us
of True Love’s
self-giving for us.

2 The time has arrived for
our God to be manned,
and the voice of the turtle
is heard in our land.

3 French hens, spread
your wings around him!
Herod’s henchmen
haste to hound him.

4 Calling birds,
your calls revise!
Salute the
bird of paradise!

5 The age of gold
comes into view!
Ring out the old!
Ring in the new!

6 Geese a-laying,
take a gander
at this child
laid in a manger!

7 Swans a-swimming,
know before long
he must also
sing his swansong!

8 Maids a-milking,
marvel at
the mother-maid’s

9 Ladies dancing,
tread your measure!
God’s hidden treasure!

10 Leaping lords,
your Lord address,
who leapt from heaven
to lowliness!

11 Pipers piping,
lead us longing
to the heart
of all belonging!

12 Drummers, keep your
drumbeats beating!
Evil’s armies
are retreating.



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