Andrew Cooper: The Life Appeared

The Life Appeared
Andrew Cooper

We wept atop that lonely hill 
With shaking heads and silent tears
As sun burned red, hard earth tilled
When, unexpected, the life appeared.

Trembling, I cannot believe
That life (life!) could be so small
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
And dependant, like us all.

I peer in his eyes and see
Myself, vulnerable and cold
I cower in fear before the child
Not but three days old.

He murmurs, and my heart quickens
In expectation at his voice
The one who darkest death will end
Could this stable be his choice?

Life in body, form in matter
Incarnation seems inglorious
Yet he dwells amongst the chatter
And hard earth becomes porous.

Unknowing, I fall at his feet
Amongst gifts in holy fear
I place my hope at heaven’s seat
For here, the life appeared.​

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